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About My Opponent in the General Election

Most folks who are following my race know that Tony seems to work more for the shareholders of NorthWestern Energy than the voters who elected him. Commissioner O'Donnell also has problems with integrity, accountability and attendance.

Transition funding for Colstrip needs attention now, advocate says

The time to talk about Colstrip transition funding is now, Macgraw said, while all six of the power plant’s owners are still around and two of Colstrip’s units continue producing electricity.

Guest opinion: A cavalcade of PSC misdeeds

Since February these commissioners have demeaned the office, discredited themselves and mocked the citizens who sent them to Helena to represent them. Let me recount their misdeeds:

Hearing with PSC Produces Lies & Denials

This concerns NWE's request to purchase 12.5% more of Colstrip for $.50. On March 17, the PSC told the utility that their application was lacking in details and they would have to provide details and answer questions the commission had.

What part of "public" does the PSC not get?

Several state news organizations have asked for what are clearly public documents from the state Public Service Commission. The commission’s response? It has filed a lawsuit against those news organizations.

Guest opinion: Whose side is the PSC on, anyway?

Oops...they’ve done it again. On Tuesday, April 21, the Montana Public Service Commission reversed its decision of March 16 in favor of NorthWestern Energy, again.

Interview by Mitch Bohn of MSUB Young Democrats

Valerie was interviewed by Mitch Bohn of the Montana State University Billings Young Democrats and Yellowstone County Democratic Central Committee about her campaign.